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We offer the perfect solution for the children's birthday party:

1 Hour Bowling
Soft Drink & Cake
100 SEK for each Participant

1 Hour Bowling
Soft Drink & Ice Cream
100 SEK for each Participant

1 Hour Bowling
Hamburger Meal
135 SEK for each Participant

At least 3 participants on each lane are required. For example, 7 players would get 2 lanes.

Extra Cake: 120 SEK
Enough for 8 to 10 participants.

Extra Play Time
Depends on the day and time, click Prices in the menu to the left.

For reservations, or any questions, call
Gävle Bowlinghall:
026 - 12 46 21

Party reservations can only be done by phone!

And parents: Our parties require practically no effort from you! Just watch your kids have fun, and then we clean up after the party!

We arrange Bowling Parties during kitchen open hours (see the right menu) but it's possible to arrange Bowling Parties with cake or ice cream on other days.

Since there usually are several Bowling Parties each day, we can only offer 50 minutes to eat. However, we have found that most children finish their meals in 30 to 45 minutes, so this will rarely, if ever, be a problem.


Standard opening hours for our kitchen:




Bring a list of the participants' names, and we'll add their names in advance for you!

Invitation Cards
are available
(in Swedish)

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